Coventry-based Rant & Rave, which provides real-time customer engagement technology, has won a pair of global contracts.

The contracts have been won with cloud business management company Sage and fashion brand

Rant & Rave has been working with Sage in the UK for the past 18 months, and the new extended contract will roll out the company's Salesforce and Frontline Engagement products across the Sage worldwide system.

This means that Sage will be able to capture feedback in real-time from SMS, to emails and listening posts. will also be implementing Rant & Rave's Salesforce product globally.

Previously, the retailer captured customer feedback via a single delayed multi-question survey which meant that feedback volumes were low and the insights gathered, limited. Rant & Rave will provide a global multi-channel feedback programme, via email, SMS, website and mobile app, capturing customers’ emotion in their own words and native language.

Rant & Rave chief executive Kenny Bain said: "For global brands today, successful and consistent customer engagement at scale is critical to business performance. 

"Sage and were looking for a partner with a global reach and Salesforce integration, combined with an understanding of the value of the voice of the customer, emotional engagement and proactive communication.

"We are delighted that Sage & are joining the global Raveolution and are looking forward to working alongside them on this journey."