Chargifi, the London-based wireless charging startup, has secured £5 million in funding from Accelerated Digital Ventures, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and firstminute capital, which will enable the UK company to expand globally.

The participation of HPE means that Chargifi will be able to make use of the enterprise giant's considerable network in order to expand, with HPE taking Chargifi's wireless power technology to its worldwide customer base, which the company hopes will form part of its connectivity solution. (See Startup Profile: Chargifi.)

<img src="" alt="Chargifi's wireless charging technology can charge phones, laptops and tablets. (Image: Chargifi)" border="0">

Chargifi's wireless charging technology can charge phones, laptops and tablets. (Image: Chargifi)

Chargifi already operates in 13 international markets, but the funding will enable the company to expand its sales and marketing team and reach untapped markets in the US and Asia. The company provides solutions for companies and brands to embed wireless charging loops into surfaces such as tables and desks, and helps the companies manage this network with a proprietary cloud platform.

Wireless charging has seen a spurt in popularity in the last year or two, with multiple phones, including Apple's iPhone X, using the technology. It works by using electromagnets and an induction loop, enabling power to be sent from the charging base to the device, which then charges the battery or runs it directly from that power.